Online back school

Published on: 01/06/2017

The school of back of Mutua Universal is directed to people that they have suffered an episode of backache and need to learn techniques that they help them to finish the process of restoration or to prevent future episodes.

Did you know?

More than 85% of people suffer of nuisances or injuries in its back some time in its life. Often these illnesses are related with physical overloads, but they are not the only cause. The sedentary lifestyle, bad postures, psychosocial aspects or the physical constitution are some lots other causes that they can generate or to aggravate an illness of back, so much at work as in the family life.

Why a school of back?

Processing in the school of Mutua Universal's back

Often, so simple stock of learning as to maintain a correct posture, to prepare the musculature before doing to work and to promote suitable muscular groups, can achieve to avoid painful injuries and episodes or to improve the rehabilitation.

In the school of Mutua Universal's back, the person that has suffered a vertebral painful pathology finds the complement to its process of restoration and aprendre how to reduce the appearance of episodes futures.

How works the school of back?

Kind of back school given by Mutua Universal's physiotherapists

Our personal specialist in rehabilitation and physiotherapy it recommends the assistance to the school of back to the people that, after suffering an episode of leave from work, need to learn techniques that they help them to finish the process of restoration or to prevent future episodes, and these can register in her of voluntary way.

Classes are given to small groups, by physiotherapists with training based on therapeutic pilates, the most up-to-date and efficient technique in the prevention of illnesses of the back.


The programme is given in our centres from Madrid (C/ Santa Cruz of Marcenado), Barcelona (C/ Rosellón), Valencia and Logroño.

Weekly classes are made of 45 minutes of duration, that they appear of a theoretical part and another practice, in which following concepts will be taught:

  • Anatomical review, biomechanic and fisiopatológico of the backbone to help to understand better how works our
  • Identify ergonomic risks to those which is exposed the hard-working person in its working environment and free time.
  • The different guidelines of postural hygiene to decrease identified risks.
  • Exercises of warming, estiramiento and muscular increase.
  • Healthy habits for the overall health promotion of the back: healthy diet, regular physical exercise, techniques of relaxation
    for control of the stress, time resting suitable, to avoid the tobacco, among others.

The School of online Back

When finishing classes, treated people have learnt to carry out every exercise and they can continue doing them at home, of common form, helping with the guide of online exercises of Mutua Universal.

Below make available videos of all exercises, with audio-description to improve its understanding. 

IMPORTANT: these exercises are part of the School back" programme "of Mutua Universal. Is not recommended to carry out them without credit received previous training and in person of the teams of physiotherapy of the company.