Medical report

Published on: 10/01/2024

Just as we have indicated you in the maintained phone conversation with our medical service, requested send us medical report of your specialist, in which is indicated your present situation (medical diagnosis, processing, present state, planned reviews).   

It sends your medical report to Mutua Universal in two steps 

1 – To prepare your report 

It is necessary that the file that you attach complies with following requirements: 

  • File in PDF FORMAT or JPG (photo). 
  • That the documentation is correctly scaned/photographed and that you can correctly visualise.  
  • If the report has more than a page, send it in order, with the visible pagination. 

2 – Envíar your report 

  • It indicates in the Issue: CI enter indicated, Nombre and surnames, DNI o Foreigner ID (NIE). 
  • Attached the report in the email. 
  • Send it to the following e-mail address:  


We will get in touch with you if some incidence is produced during the process of reception/management of the report. 

If all is correct, also will do it to you to know.