If you work at home
Work in exceptional conditions

Published on: 16/03/2020
  • If the available physical facility at home to organise routines is adjusted, you will have to agree on with the rest of family members a way of working without interruptions.
  • It organises and plans the work day by day. Take into account possible unforeseen events, fit them with flexibility.
  • You do not doubt in asking doubts or to move incidences on your activity immediately.
  • Takes care the link with the company and your partners and partners. You have an opportunity to communicate you/to relate you of different way.
  • It carries out pauses in a periodic way. Make good use of them to do estiramiento muscular, here you suggest some. 
  • When finishing your meeting, looks for or it adapts to the circumstances activities that they allow you “disconnect” of the work thing.
Published on: 16/03/2020

all routines are governed for prescribed protective measures and hygiene by health authorities. We have to face the reality and be responsible following its recommendations, doing the correct thing as until now.