Care of the mental health in the return to the work after COVID-19
Back strong and with energy. Exceeding the next objective!

Published on: 22/04/2020

mental health coronavirus

Together face a new era, new challenges. We are various and each from our situation, us arrange to move forward preserving our health and safety, as well as that one of the rest of them.

We have great knowledge and more caution because of the uncertainty for changes that they can produce in the future. That is why, be alert, to maximise precautions or to experience a certain anxiety is normal. This is because to come out us and to go out to this new reality loosens our vulnerability feeling and our confidence, so our brain owes re-adapt.

Need to continue with our life, and this return us offers an opportunity to recover our well-being. We must face the fear and the uncertainty. Our strengths, as well as the learnt thing in this experience and the effort of made adjustment managing different emotions and, sometimes, intense can help us a lot.

What can happen us?

  • The return to the work reactive our insecurity sensation and it produces in us multiple reactions different. The difficulty for regular these reactions and emotions is normal in the present situation.
  • Maximise distances and to restrict the personal contact placing us in a state of hypervigilance towards everything that we do, so much us as the rest of them.
  • We can feel us restless, worried by our protection or that one of the rest of them.
  • Automatisms that earlier moved us do not serve us. We will have to revise all processes again and reaprender other habits, which it will require great attention, self-control and extra effort in the task.
  • Re-experience emotional tension when returning to the work. We specify higher concentration and perhaps would be able to suppress emotions that need to express.
  • The first few days and/or weeks, or in moments of overdemand, can cost us to return to the work. We can be irritable, to have difficulty to rest, to suffer disorder in the diet or tiredness.
  • During these weeks all have suffered losses, and some difficult ones and very painful. The sadness or the toppling also can be present in us.

What can we do?

Vueltra to the work after COVID-19
  • Know good working procedures and to solve all doubts. Surely there are changes more or less significant that it is necessary to know. This will increase our security and confidence. The security of each one does to grow the confidence of all.
  • Take us time to decide, to plan stock and to dose efforts without demanding too in the beginning, will provide the adjustment.
  • Concentrate us in which yes can do. Maintain a proactive attitude to face the new situation and changes that they involve: what can do I?, how can help to the rest of them?
  • Be informed avoiding the overinformation. The constant exhibition maintains activated the system of alert and it generates insecurity.
  • Trust in us. We still do good our work and our responsibilities are the same. Which is new are the conditions derived from this situation to those which must adapt us.
  • Show empathy, listen and share, will help to support us the ones in the others. Recuerda the to be able to of the smile and of the sense of humour.
  • Maintain team's vision. We are interdependent and us need so that all works. We can support us mutually contributing each our skills. Being vigilant so that all fulfill standards also us take care as a team.
  • Observe which we feel to take conscience of which need. Share emotions to obtain support.
  • Take care us. Be occupied, to do exercise, to disconnect the mind, to carry out other activities, to feed us good and to rest. Looks for a moment of on the day for you, to express your emotions and relax.
  • Recognise signals of excessive activation as the hyperactivity, the lack of dream or the irritability. If reactions persist or they worsen contacts with professionals.

It is significant to maintain the illusion towards the future and the motivation knowing that are in a process. Promote an open attitude and with realistic optimism us will help to face in the best conditions different situations that they avenge.