Work reintegration programme

Published on: 12/11/2015

Programme developed by the team of social workers of Mutua Universal, aimed at the reorientation and social and professional integration of disabled people and groups at risk of social exclusion.

Objective of the Programme

Insofar as the situation allows it, promote the professional reintegration of workers of our member companies and self-employed workers who have had a work-related accident or disease:

  • They have suffered a degree of disability that prevents them from returning to carry out their work activity
  • They have lost their job during the recovery process and are at risk of social exclusion (people over 45 years, single parent familes, etc.).
  • Relatives in first degree of disabled workers or deceased.

Mutua Universal employment office

All workers that are found in our work reintegration programme they can add its curriculum in our Employment Office.

From the Social Work service periodic searches are made in the main web portals of employment with the aim of informing to the candidates on offers that better you can adapt to its profile.

New training programme for those re-entering the job market

Mutua Universal offers associated companies the opportunity to participate in its job bank, so that workers taking part in the work reintegration scheme can undertake work placements to help them to re-enter the workforce, improve their quality of life and reinforce their self-esteem.

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