Specific Social Benefits for Self-Employed Workers

Published on: 13/01/2016
Juan Antonio Carmona. Self-employed worker. Payee of Social Benefit of Mutua Universal

Given their special characteristics, if a self-employed worker suffers a temporary or permanent disability as a result of a work-related accident or disease, their family unit  may find themselves in a vulnerable situation due to loss of income.

For that reason from Mutua Universal, have designed a series of aids that they complement to the already existing in our social benefit catalogue and that they would be specific for this group:

With the aim of:

  • Avoid the loss of financial income in the family unit of the self-employed worker.
  • Avoid the loss of clients in the business.
  • Promote contracting. 

In order to be eligible for these benefits, authorisation from the Special Benefits Committee will be required, after previous assessment of the subject's needs by the Social Welfare Committee.

  • Special Aid to avoid the closing down of the business. Financial assistance for the hiring of a worker or for extending the working hours of an already hired worker, to avoid closing down the self-employed worker's business during the period of temporary disability due to a work-related accident or disease.

  • Financial support to pay for workplace adjustments and adaptations to help the worker in the event of Permanent Partial Disability.

  • Financial support so that a worker who is in a situation of Temporary Disability, who has held the job for more than two years and pays the minimum contribution rate, may pay the fixed cost of subscription to RETA for one year.

  • Financial support so that a worker in a situation of Total Permanent Disability can invest in fixed assets for the purpose of opening a business on a self-employed basis.

  • Financial support for workers, who pay the minimum contribution rate, in a situation of Temporary Disability, who cannot pay their self-employment contributions during the second year.