Know the wintry virus?

Published on: 28/01/2020

The wintry virus are illnesses that, general, study in 5 or 7 days with symptoms as general malaise, fatigue, headache or fever, but without great complications. However, for some groups such as children, old men or people with grassroots pathologies, these viral infections can have graver consequences. 

The importance of these virus of winter is owed to its high incidence in the general population, arriving at be considered epidemics. 

The wintry virus find a very suitable middle for its propagation in the work centres, especially in periods of epidemic in winter, because many hours is remained sharing space with partners and/or clients. 

Except for some economic activities' exception, occupational diseases does not consider them to him, are not a deliberate intention of manipulating biological agents nor him are of application the Royal Decree 664/97 on biological agents, but the contagion of the virus also is produced at work. Annually the wintry virus cause major personal costs and economic. Its prevention benefits to all.