What have to do if one of my hard-working people suffers an accident out of Spain?

If a person insured worker by Mutua Universal has a work-related accident out of Spain has at your disposal the Line Universal (900 203 203. From the foreigner 00 34 93 412 33 67).

According to the possible gravity of the injury, will be looked after for a medical equipment that it will consider via such service of phone support and, of being medically necessary, its relocation will be indicated to a health centre public.

From that moment on, the person injured will depend on the health of the country where it is displaced.

Serious cases or hospital admissions

Line Universal will see to to request opportune medical reports and, via the service of attention mutual society member, will send them to the help centre of Mutua Universal person responsible for the company, so that it carries out the follow-up of the process.

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