Benefit for care of minors
Documentation and administrative procedures

Compulsory for all schemes

  1. Proof of identity of the interested parties (also of the originator if s/he is 14 years of age) through the following documentation in force:
    • Spaniards: National ID Card (DNI).
    • Foreigners: Passport or, where applicable, identity document in force in their country and the Foreigner ID Number (NIE) required by the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT) for payment purposes.
  1. Official family book or certificate of registration of child or children in the Civil Registry or, where applicable, court decision establishing the adoption, or the court or administrative decision granting fostering.
  2. Direct payment application (Application for financial assistance for the care of minors suffering from cancer or another serious disease).
  3. Agreement between parents.
  4. Hospitable report that accredits a disease on the list of diseases of Royal Decree 1148/2011.
  5. Company certificate with the professional contingency contribution base of the month prior to starting the reduced working day.
  6. Statement of the company on the reduction of the working day.
  7. Form 145 Personal Income Tax.
  8. Certificate of non-payment of benefit to the other parent not requesting the benefit: Document that proves that the other applicant has not requested the benefit in their company

Specific documentation for freelance or or self-employed workers and similar

  1. Statement of the situation of activity.
  2. Statement of reduction in working hours on the people responsible for the paying the contributions.
  3. Accreditation of contribution over the past 2 months.

Specific documentation for special schemes

  1. Domestic employees:
    • Permanent, a statement will be taken from the person responsible for the family home on the effective reduction in working hours of the worker.
  2. Artists and bullfighters: Statement of activities and activity verification slips that have not been presented in the General Treasury of the Social Security

Other documentation

  • In the event of the parents not cohabiting, and in the absence of agreement on who will receive the benefit: documentation that proves who has the custody or care of the minor.
  • In the case of single parent familes: Official family booklet that only contains one parent or, in the case that it contains two parents, the death certificate of one of them, or the court decision that declares that one parent abandoned the family.
  • If the other parent does not belong to the Social Security System, s/he must provide, where applicable:
  • ONLY IN THE CASE THAT THE OTHER PARENT IS A CIVIL SERVANT, a certificate issued by the staff unit of their work centre.
  • Certificate issued by the staff unit of their work centre indicating that this person carries out a work activity under the civil service system or
  • Certificate of the Professional Association to which they belong, if it is a professional activity.