Violence and harassment in the workplace. Activity from the working environment.

10.00 - 11.30 am


  • Associated companies. Associated self-employed workers people.

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Concepción Ibáñez GarcíaOccupational Hazard Prevention Technician

Paula Dolores Fragueiro BarrosOccupational Hazard Prevention Technician


Technical meeting


Recognise, as a person in charge in the company, the violence and the harassment at work, in any of its ways, as an occupational risk of pychosocial nature.
Revise the technical point of reference and legal of this pyschosocial risk.
Identify proposals of activity directed to minimise the health impact, derived from the exhibition to the risk of violence and harassment in the working environment.


. Conceptual framework and impact of the violence and the harassment in the workplace
. Violence and harassment at work as an occupational risk.
. Good practices in the organisations for the Governing risk management of violence and harassment from the

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