Ergonomics. 10 Principles for the Design of work positions

09:30 - 2.30pm


  • Aimed at technical personnel (engineers, prevention and maintenance technicians, etc.) related to job design and adaptation, who are members of the staff of our associated companies or affiliated self-employed workers.

Given by

José Antonio Tomas RoyoOccupational Hazard Prevention Technician


Practical workshop


To offer practical criteria and references for job design and adaptation from an ergonomic approach, as well as the current methodology for ergonomic risk management and analysis. The final aim is to prevent the appearance of musculoskeletal injuries and their economic and health consequences, improve people's comfort, and even accelerate task development and increase productivity.


· Impact of the musculoskeletal
injuries · 10 principles for the design of work positions
· Governing risk management according to technical paper ISO TR12295:2014
· Guide values according to UNE Standards, IN, ISO and ISOTR12295:2014
· design Recommendations and the position adaptation of work

Session in person

Mutua Universal

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