Mutua Universal compiles its history in the work “More than a century of proximity and service (1907-2020)”

Published on: 21/07/2022

The book covers the history of Mutua Universal from its creation in 1907 to the present day, as well as the evolution of the sector of mutual societies collaborating with the Social Security Institute, which are key entities in the maintenance of the Social Security system.

The author is the historian and writer Pere A. Fàbregas, a specialised historicial consultant on companies, entities, institutions and business figures, and the current Chairman of the Catalan Foundations Coordinator.

"The history of mutual societies in Spain - specifically that of Mutua Universal- , is a success story of public-private collaboration at the service of citizens", explained the author in a video interview, which can be seen below.

Premy Bonaplata 2022

The book ‘Mutua Universal. Más de un siglo de proximidad y servicio (1907-2020)’ written by the historian Pere A. Fàbregas it has resulted winner equally in the 30th edition of the Premy Bonaplata 2022 in the category Premy Estudis that it calls the Associació of the Museu of the Ciència i of the Tècnica i d’Arqueologia Industrial of Catalonia.

The category Premy Estudis of the Premy Bonaplata is directed to original works related to the study of the life and work activities and social of all the estamentos social of a company.

Example of public-private collaboration

Mutua Universal was founded in 1907, under the name Mutua General de Seguros, thanks to the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs led by Trinidad Rius and Josep Mansana, the first two presidents.

"Over the course of several decades, Mutua Universal became the most important company in the work-related accident sector in Spain, thanks to its aim to provide healthcare services throughout Spain, and which still continues today," explained Pere A. Fàbregas.

In the last two decades, the organisation received an important boost thanks to the Chairman, Juan Echevarría, and Managing Director, Juan Güell:

"Mutua Universal is a forward-looking organisation, based on high quality, efficient and cutting-edge technologically service."

In the final chapter, the book lists the key milestones in the recent history of the Company and the sector, such as the approval of the Mutual Societies Act of 2014, the development of compliance and internal audit resources, the process of corporate mergers in the sector, and the key role of mutual societies in recent months in support to the Social Security system in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The work links the history of Mutua Universal with the leading events in the history of Spain and the evolution of the sector of mutual societies collaborating with the Social Security Institute. Among the key moments for the sector, the author highlights the first law on occupational accident insurance (1900), which led to the creation of the first mutual societies, the regulations that made employment insurance compulsory (1932), the the Social Security Bases Act (1963) and, in the following decades, the progressive adoption of new functions by mutual societies in their work of collaboration with the Social Security Institute.

Más de un siglo de proximidad y servicio (1907-2020)