Person single contact person

Published on: 15/02/2016

In Mutua Universal offer the figure of the person single contact person. It will be the person of reference that you will accompany at all times in your daily relationship with us, attending your applications and enquiries to give you the fastest and suitable reply before every situation.

It will be your performance benchmark to manage the overall relationship with Mutua Universal and to coordinate services rendered, as well as the person responsible for to implement the projects adapted to the peculiarity of the company.

This figure is especially useful and interesting for those companies that due to their characteristics, complexity and relevance, they require specific, customised attention for better coordination in the service to optimise processes and services. The person single contact person it is responsible for to coordinate services rendered and of implementing the projects adapted to the peculiarity of each company.

Management model of the work-related accident

  • Management planning of the consensual work-related injury with the company management.
  • Elaboration of a joint action plan between company and Mutua Universal setting common goals and taking into account the characteristics specific to the company. 
  • Follow-up and coordination meetings with the area of Human Resources of the company / Medical service / Occupational risk prevention service. 
  • Immediacy in the reply to enquiries or applications. 
  • Flexible, efficient resolution of incidences coordinating actions with the other functional areas.
  • Technical advice in everything related to the different provisions managed by the collaborative mutual societies with the Social Security Institute, as well as of legal standards that affect to these provisions.

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