You have heard that the tobacco protects of contracting the COVID-19?

Published on: 11/06/2020

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They have emerged recently a series of studies that they maintain that the nicotine would be able to have a preventive effect in the contagion or in the exaggerated inflammatory reaction that it can cause the new one coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Nonetheless, the Spanish Society of Epidemiology considers that, of moment there is not an evidence solid scientist that demonstrates these hypothesis.

The people smokers or exsmokers are miffier to contract respiratory infections and that these, study with more gravity. The flu virus or the new one coronavirus SARS-Cov-2, affect mostly to lungs, that are already found damaged by the tobacco use. Thus, is recommended to avoid the tobacco use.

Stop to smoke is possible and every year thousands of people it achieve. You have posed you some time to stop to smoke? You have tried it without success?

Today can be on the day for one thing a more healthy life and to leave the tobacco. To stop to smoke, first it is necessary to be convinced. It is a personal decision that it requires to consider reasons through which each wishes to leave the tobacco, despite credit circumstances in the life that they promote the change, as the birth of a son, be sick or to involve an unfavourable economic condition.

Apart from economic reasons, there are many reasons that they can take to a person to stop to smoke:

  • Improve the health: to breathe better, less fatigue, to stop to cough, to live better, to reduce the risk of suffering a coronary, an embolism or a cancer, to respect the right to the human health of surrounding, etc.
  • Improve the quality of life: to delete the halitosis, not to dirty the clothes and the hair with the smell of the tobacco, being able to kiss without smelling to ashtray, to enjoy fresh air at home and in the car, to spend the money in other things more rewarding, to maintain the white teeth, etc.
  • Increase the self-esteem and by people of surrounding: to free of the fact of taking tobacco and fire everywhere, to avoid the aging of the skin, to recover the aspect of the complexion, be a good example for the rest of them, etc.

It is shown that the profits of stopping to smoke for the health are to short and long-term.

  • In the first 20 minutes, hands and feet are more oxygenated and with a better temperature.
  • To the 24 hours improvement the skills of receiving smells and tastes, to breathe is easier.
  • 8 months later, decrease respiratory problems and the fatigue.
  • Past tenses 5 years, the risk of suffering a heart attack is similar to the one of a non-smoker.

To the 10 years the risk of suffering some cancers is similar to the one of someone that it has never smoked.

Enquiry all profits for the health in this infographic: