Consulting, awareness and technical guidance activities

Published on: 09/09/2015

Consulting in Occupational Risk Prevention

The occupational risk prevention technicians of our national network are available to associate companies to advise them in all the
aspects necessary for consolidating effective management of occupational risk prevention, including their assistance in investigating
serious, very serious and mortal accidents.

The consulting work reaches various levels:
• Diagnosis of the situation specific to every company and design and follow-up of an action plan.
• Resolution of general queries related to the development of occupational risk prevention activities.
• Information on the system to access incentives for companies that contribute to decreasing and preventing of work
accidents (Prevention Bonus).

Technical guidance seminars

Associated companies included in the General Plan of Preventive Activities can benefit from technical guidance
, that address topics of interest in the field of prevention. These activities are carried out in the facilities of Mutua Universal and they address
to employers, designated workers, delegates of prevention, intermediate responsibilities and employees general, as well as associated self-employed workers

Between principal issues that are discussed in the seminars appear:
• Accident investigation.
• Work inspection preparation.
• Risk assessment.
• Planning of preventive activities.

Awareness programmes

As a complement to the programmes to reduce the accident rate, Mutua Universal develops activities to promote awareness activites and implement safe work patterns. Its objective is to improve the attitude and awareness of the employees in aspects in which the individual attitude and responsibility are priority.

Among the most common topics addressed in the awareness programmes are:
• Prevention of disorders músculoesqueléticos.
• Handling stress.
• Road safety: accidents while travelling to or from work and during a work assignment.
• Cardiovascular prevention.
• Toxic consumption: tobacco.
• Alcohol consumption and drugs in the company - payde.
• Adoption of healthy habits.
• Planned observations.
• Prevention integration.

Plan to reduce accidents while travelling to or from work and during a work assignment

Programme designed to reduce these accidents both in general and in specific groups.

It includes:
• Global system to reduce and control accidents.
• Instruments and models necessary to elaborate a Plan of Mobility.
• Instruments, materials and consulting necessary to develop prevention talks or campaigns.
• Channel and materials necessary for training workers.