Take care us and take care them
You're OK, I'm OK!

Published on: 16/03/2020
  • It provides attention if they emerge conducts not-healthy (to eat or smoke excessively, exhilarating drinks, to sleep excess or work non-stop, to isolate, to neglect personal hygiene, to have violent behaviours).
  • It thinks so much in which you say, as in how it say. Especially in plights. You will help to avoid conflicts.
  • Maintain contact with relatives, friends and friends, etc. It makes good use of the technology!
  • It shares with them so much circumstances that you still have to solve, as those which have already managed successfully. You are a reciprocal support network!
  • Think about different activities you can do now that you have more time for them: handicrafts, kitchen, constructions, exercise, board games, etc.
  • It provides attention to the health condition, physics and mental, of the rest of the family unit.
  • It accepts that some aspects of the current situation escape of your control. As it happens in others many situations in your life! If you have difficulty to achieve it and you generates activation, practices some breathing technique/relaxation as these that you present.
Published on: 16/03/2020

all routines are governed for prescribed protective measures and hygiene by health authorities. We have to face the reality and be responsible following its recommendations, doing the correct thing as until now.