Ergonomics laboratory

Published on: 15/12/2015

Ergonomics is the study of human capabilities, applying knowledge and technologies to adapt environments and tasks to people, thus contributing to their physical, mental and social well-being.

Located at the centre of Mutua Universal in the industrial park Arazuri-Orcoyen (Navarre), offers a service of reference and differential, as a pioneer in Spain in the prevention of repetitive injuries and cancellations long-term through the looking for solutions to musculoskeletal problems that affect to the working environment.

It has simulation workshop and testing laboratory and instrumentation with techniques and more advanced means.


Multidisciplinary team

Collaboration of engineers, physiotherapists and other occupational health specialists.


Analysis, search for opportunities and solutions to improve work positions and disclosure among the entire business community.

Research unit

Design and modification of work positions to eliminate risks and increase productivity.


Training programmes, prevention campaigns and preparation of specific publications.

Lines of work

Applied research

  • Development of best practices to reduce and prevent musculoskeletal disorders and improve workstation conditions.
  • Dissemination of knowledge and preventive culture related to ergonomics.

Ergonomic studies

  • Biomechanic analysis for the objectification of effort made and postures and movements adopted.
  • Comparative studies of tools, utensils or processes.
  • Studies looking at opportunities for technical and organisational improvements.


  • Improvement in working conditions.
  • Reduction in long-term sick leave for injury.
  • Reduction of absenteeism.
  • More commitment from employees, who see improvements in their working conditions thanks to advanced techniques.
  • Increase in company productivity.

What can do for you?
If you comply with these requirements:

  • If your accident rate indicators have increased with respect to the previous year.
  • If you have had some musculoskeletal origin occupational disease.
  • You have made the ergonomic risk assessment.
  • Need assistance for:
    • Find suitable solutions to avoid disorders musculoesquléticos that it is suffering your staff.
    • Select ergonomic tools and teams.
    • Introduce an exoesqueleto.
    • Redesign your facility.
    • Limit the degree of effort in the tasks.
    • Lessen the impact for repetitive movements.