Freelance non work-related injury or disease

Published on: 11/01/2019

We saw to the management of the financial assistance (Temporary Disability) that palie your income reduction during a non work leave due to accident or non-professional illness, spread by the practitioner of the Public Health System.

What do we offer you?

Financial assistance during the cancellation

  • We manage the financial assistance during your medical discharge that palie your income decrease.
  • Starting from the 4th day on sick leave until the 20th one will receive 60% of your contribution basis.
  • Starting from the 21st day hereinafter will receive 75% of your contribution basis.

Grant of risk for the pregnancy and/or natural breastfeeding

  • If are woman, are pregnant and your activity can harm your gestation, you offer the possibility of being paid 100% of the contribution basis.

Care for minors

  • If you have a minor with cancer or severe illness and you want to reduce your meeting more than 50% to take care it, to request this provision that you covers 100% of the contribution basis corresponding to the part of the reduced working day.

Medical assistance to speed up your return and advice in all your procedures lest you lose the time

  • Our practitioners carry out the follow-up of your medical process to help you in your recovery.
  • We respond to your medical doubts and you advise in your administrative procedures.
  • We process you, if necessary, your registration proposals and your disability dossiers.
  • In the event of being included in a waiting list of the Public Health System, you offer our services to speed up your recovery and to reduce waiting time.