New legislation: Pyschosocial Risks and Mental Health of what have to occupy us?

12.00 - 1.30 pm


  • Associated companies. Associated self-employed workers people.

Given by

Concepción Ibáñez GarcíaOccupational Hazard Prevention Technician

Paula Dolores Fragueiro BarrosOccupational Hazard Prevention Technician


Technical meeting


Aim at people in charge in the companies on the technical point of reference and legal with regard to Pyschosocial Risks, deepening in the key points of the most new requirements.


Level of compliance with standards with regard to PRL in the Spanish companies. What and how is done.
New plan of action of the Labour inspectorate with regard to pyschosocial risks and mental health.
Technical criterion of the Labour inspectorate for the preventive activities evaluation and planning to pychosocial level.

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