Work-related injuries and EEPP. How are communicated? How are researched?

11:00 am - 12:30 pm


  • Employers/ace, HR, Technicians/ace of prevention, Contact people/ace with the SPA, Workers/designated ace/ace, Delegates/ace of prevention.

Given by

Dolores Fernández GarcíaOccupational Hazard Prevention Technician


Technical meeting


Know the process to be followed when a work-related accident or an occupational disease is produced to communicate them in term and way. Give guidelines so that the most significant causes are identified in the research that they have intervened in the event, are considered and suitable corrective actions are defined to avoid its repetition.


Communication to the Administration and terms.
Completion of start from them communication.
Research of accidents:
- What is?
- Guidelines for a correct research.

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