Manoeuvres of cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Published on: 30/05/2018

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1. In what moment to initiate them?

Once the heart failure has been recognised, we will have to start thoracic compressions to increase the chances of survival of the casualty.

Ideally should give back-up breathings to complete manoeuvres of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, despite the fact that, if we not know the technique and that can do us to lose time just, we should carry out thoracic compressions.

2. How are done?

Thoracic compressions

  • We will place the casualty belly arrives, if we have not done it already (on a hard area), and we will put on to its side to the height of the chest.
  • We will place the heel of a hand on the centre of the chest
  • We will place the heel of the other hand on this and we will crisscross fingers
  • With the completely stretched arms and it more perpendicular possible on the casualty, will start thoracic compressions
  • We will depress the chest about 5-6 cm
  • A rhythm from 100-120 for minute
  • We will continue with compressions until it arrives the ambulance, are exhaustos or the person gives signals of life
Thoracic compressions

3. They are owed to do back-up breathings?

Back-up breathings

  • If know the technique of ventilation mouth-mouth, can carry out two back-up breathings every 30 compressions
  • For this we will maintain the open by air with the manoeuvre front-mentón
  • We will cover the nose with two fingers of the hand as well as we will place our lips on those of the casualty and we will carry out insuflaciones of approximately a second one leaving that it goes out the air after each during another second
  • With every insuflación will check if it gets up the chest of the person
Back-up breathings

4. How me organise if are more than a person attending a PCR?

In case there are two people to carry out techniques of RCP, will act in the following way:

  • The first one reanimador will carry out thoracic compressions
  • The second one reanimador will carry out ventilations (if it is decided to carry out back-up ventilations)

For this will be coordinated and every 30 compressions, the first one reanimador will stop doing compressions just the time that the second one reanimador gives two ventilations. Given that the performance of the RCP can arrive at be exhausting, it is recommended that every 2 minutes (about 5 cycles of 30:2) a change is made in the functions of the reanimadores. Therefore, the person that it carried out the ventilation mouth-mouth would do thoracic compressions, whereas the person that did compressions would carry out ventilations.


5. In what moment stop manoeuvres?

We will give for completed manoeuvres of cardiopulmonary resuscitation:

  • When the person gives signals of life (opens eyes, gets around, breathe…)
  • When we are (us as reanimadores) sold out
  • When it arrives the medical equipment that it will take over of the person that we are reviving