The pain

Published on: 25/04/2018

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1. What is the pain?

The International Partnership for the Study of the Pain (IASP by its initials in English International Association for the Study of Pain), it defines as a sensory and emotional experience unpleasant partner with an injury hística present or potential, or described in terms of this injury.

2. Who knows on its pain?

The authority on the pain has it the person that it suffers.

3. How the pain is measured?

To measure the pain must have in account two considerations:

  • It is rarely static and unchanging, so it is measured or assessed on a continual basis.
  • The information must be obtained, whenever possible, from the sufferer.

Measure the pain means to assign numbers to variables that represent the “amount of one” the same one according to certain rules previously, that is, the objective it is to determine “how much” pain feels the person using for this representative fractions or verbal.

4. Have to expect to have a lot pain?

Not " to endure " the pain.

If is not relieved causes a reply of stress that, when it is maintained in the time, can cause numerous damaging effects in practically all devices and body systems.

5. Drug therapy

Drug therapy against the pain

Medications more used are painkillers. Group formed by medicines very various that they can use alone or in combination with other to discuss extreme pains, chronic and oncological, depending on the intensity and characteristics of the pain.

6. What more can do?

The processing provided guidelines by the practitioner of Mutua Universal is the available chief resource for the pain relief.

Although do not substitute to painkillers, non pharmacological measures recommended by the health ones of Mutua Universal, can reduce the emotional components of the painful perception, to strengthen the skills of the person to face the situation and to reduce the perception of threat, which it gives a sensation of more control on the situation and, all in all, improvement the quality of life.