How to use inhalers

Published on: 28/10/2019

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Vía inhalatoria

There are different devices for the administration of active constituents for via inhalatoria, as air sprays, nebulizers and inhalers.

  1. The air sprays they are devices that they contain the medication in suspension within a pressurised system. When activating a valve, the medicine is freed with speed, which it does that it arrives where its effect is maximum (lungs, in this case).

  2. The nebulizers they are devices that, when doing to happen a draft, generate uniform particles and very fine of the active constituent (liquid) in a gas. The medication, in this case, is floating in the gas and it happens to lungs while is breathed, which it does that the medicine enters more deeply in the by air. In this case is significant to breathe with calm while it lasts the nebulización.
  3. The inhalers of dry powder, starting from the medication in solid state, free small particles of synchronous way with the inspiration; the force of the inhalation drags the product. In this case it is fundamental to use a suitable technique (to inspire with force for the mouth while the valve is activated). In the leaflet of these devices is specified in a clear way how must manage the medicine.

The majority of times is employed the via inhalatoria to achieve a local stock of the medicine in various lung diseases; in this way, a snap action of the medicine is achieved and it is avoided that causes other effects in the rest of the body. Other times, the via inhalatoria is used with the aim that the medicine arrives at the circulation, since lungs possess many blood vessels, which provides the absorption of the medication.

The person that uses any administration device for via inhalatoria must be trained to use it, since the effectiveness of these processing depends on the use of the correct technique.

In addition, not all inhalers are used in the same way; there are several presentations of inhalers on the market with certain particularities that it is necessary to know in each case to apply the processing correctly.

Why me breathlessness?

It is necessary to take into account the age of the person that must follow the processing for via inhalatoria. Enquiry what steps are owed to follow in the technique inhalatoria with chamber and mask for sucklings and pre-school and, for children starting from 6 years, the technique inhalatoria with chamber and cigarette holder.