AlterG anti-gravity treadmill

Published on: 10/02/2016
Antigravity tape Alter-G

It is a medical tool that it allows a total control of the body weight borne by legs through the use of air in a chamber of pressure controlled that it lifts softly to the/patients.

Thanks to its precise calibration allows a reduction of the body weight between 100% and 20%, with increases of 1%, which no other weight reduction system is able to reach.

Revolutionary rehabilitation

Unlike the rehabilitation traditional (therapy in water), that it can not quantify the applied weight reduction and when the person goes out of the water, its legs have to bear a strong change very sharp without possibility one of a progressive rise, the tapestry anti moving Alter-G offers complete freedom of movements of the lower limbs and of the upper part of the trunk, which is why the sensation of running is completely actual, and on the other hand, in injuries with committed stability and balance, the treated person receives a tall sensation of security, which it has repercussions in the reduction of the risk of fall.


  • Rehabilitation of injuries in the lower limbs (fractures, post-operational affectation meniscal, ligamentario and cartilaginous, bone edemas, regional syndrome complex, etc.).
  • Processing of neurological lesions (ACV, medullary injury, neuromuscular patients with weak musculature, prevention of falls for problems of stability, among others).
  • Lumbar pathology (vertebral fractures, spinal disc herniation, osteroporosis, etc.).
  • General maintenance to fight against illnesses in senior citizens.


  • It enables the protection of the damaged tissue.
  • It increases the range of movement.
  • Faster beginning of the physical activity of the person.
  • Encourages a faster return of motor control.

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