If salts to be worked…
Take care you a lot! Your work is essential for us

Published on: 16/03/2020

 We want, for you and for all:

  • Take care the communication. How addressed to our partners and partners and to other promotes or it hinders relationships. Rregula the tension and it shows respect.
  • We are not superheroes or superheroins. If at some point lose the patience and you answer sharply is always been able to to fix excusing you in a sincere and honest way.
  • Avoid the “why?” and “if I had…”. You accept that there are situations that they do not depend on you and you consider that you do everything that you can.
  • Remember that people with which you relate can be nervous or worried, need security and calm in which you are doing.
    You trust in you. You know to do good your work, hone in on it and you do not try more than cover which you can.
  • Respect turns of repose. You will help to recovers energy.
  • Look for a moment of the day for you. Afford to express your emotions and relax.

It watches, also, excessive activation signals: hyperactivity, insomnia, concentration and attention problems, or changes in your mood.

If these reactions persist or they worsen, contacts with a health professional.

All were part of the community and thanks to your work contribute to that all prune to face with more force this situation.

Recuerda, “You, are our priority”, for this reason, lots THANK YOU!