Direct payment of temporary disability due to termination of contract consists in the mutual society collaborating with the Social Security paying directly the benefit for temporary disability to the worker who is on medical leave, either due to a common or occupational contingency, once the contract has been terminated or cancelled. 

Who can request this provision?

They will be able to request the direct payment of the temporary disability those hard-working people included in the general scheme that are of medical discharge and are found in some following suppositions

  • Extinction of contract.
  • Dismissal.
  • Collective Dismissal Proceeding (COLLECTIVE DISMISSAL PROCEEDING) of extinction.
  • Dossier of Regulation Temporary of Employment (ERTE) of suspension of days.
  • Dossier of Regulation Temporary of Employment (ERTE) of reduction in working hours.
  • Fixed discontinuous.

Process the provision