Socially responsible company

Published on: 28/12/2017

In Mutua Universal we follow a responsible behaviour that takes care of the people, companies and the environment.

The Corporate Social Responsibility in Mutua Universal

The best contribution of Mutua Universal to the society is made from the responsible value that has the activity that us is own. When promoting the occupational health and the prevention in our country, such as basic elements for the human development, promote the welfare state in the society.

In Mutua Universal understand the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from a comprehensive perspective, that it includes to all our company. The responsibility of Mutua Universal is reflected in its corporate securities, without separation between strategies and operations and policies as a company socially responsible.

We are committed to the CSR via stock and programmes that they contribute to promote the Welfare state and to move forward towards a society and a more competitive economy, productive and healthy. Our objective is to do of Mutua Universal a more committed company, efficient and managed good, that it looks after needs and our interest groups' health, contributing thus to the sustainability of the health system.