We listen you and you take care

Published on: 28/12/2017

We commit to the well-being of people and of the organisations, looking after the workers’ health, so much to internal level - our own employees -, as external - our insured workers and associated -.


Stock of Corporate Social Responsibility of Mutua Universal for mutual society member and employees

People in charge with our mutual society member

Mutua Universal listens and it takes care of its mutual society member - associated companies, self-employed workers, insured workers - and collaborators, via initiatives and commitments that they have as an objective to improve its day by day.

Starting from the knowledge of the needs of each company and its human capital, offer customised solutions that guarantee the optimum recovery of the patients and the improvement of the productivity and competitiveness of the organisations.

  • Innovation in profit of the health: we are committed to innovative technologies in all products and services to improve the experience of our mutual society members, including the Online Clinic, the Antigravity tape Alter-G, the Cardiac Rehabilitation unit or the Psychology unit.
  • Total management of the Absenteeism: Mutua Universal offers its partners and collaborators a the system that it allows the detection of the absenteeism's causes through the analysis of indicators and the application of measures adapted to every company in order to reduce it.
  • Healthy company: the Company, as well as accident reduction programmes, aimed at reducing the number of occupational accidents and illnesses in companies that meet the Preventive Activity Planning (PAP) criteria, offers its member companies healthy tips for creating environments that are conducive to health and that can help in the development of personal skills.
  • Social welfare: Mutua Universal responds to the different situations of special need of the injured workers and its families via its aid catalogue, innovating constantly to adapt to emerging social requirements.

People in charge with our employees

In Mutua Universal we develop policies and initiatives that they promote the diversity, the conciliation and the training to guarantee the equal opportunities between all employees. We commit to an environment of healthy work that it satisfies to all employees and it promotes its well-being and professional development.

  • Our commitment with the equality of the people is materialised through Plan of Equality of Mutua Universal and the Fee of Equality, as a platform of dialogue with the legal representatives of workers, and in the collaboration with the Ministry of Health Care, Social Services and Equality to move forward towards an elder and more balanced share of the women in the positions of responsibility of the companies.
  • Our commitment with the conciliation is materialised in Plan of Conciliation that, following the management model EFR (Family-Responsible Company), gathers a series of measures that promote the conciliation of employees of its work life and relative.
  • Our commitment with the diversity is reasserted in the Statement of respect for the person and to its diversity and in the adherence to the Chárter of Diversity, with the commitment of supporting and enacting the inclusion of the diversity and the not-discrimination in the working environment.
  • Within the framework of our adherence in the Statement of Luxembourg of the European Network of Health promotion in the Work and via the internal programme of Corporate “Health Well-being Universal: +Salud +Vida”, we promise and promote the health and the well-being of workers of Mutua Universal.
  • We bet for the training, via the Corporate university, a space of knowledge-learning to form and develop to the employees in an aligned way with objectives of business and the responsibilities needs, and the management of the talent, key tool for the promotion and retention of our professionals, as well as the coverage of key the positions of the organisation by people more suitable.

Communication channels

Mutua Universal has various service channels that they promote and provide the dialogue with interest groups and they allow managing its expectations, to offer innovative solutions and to maintain reliable relationships.