Carcinogens and CLP

Published on: 01/02/2017

The Regulations CLP it regulates the classification, tagging and packed of the dangerous chemicals.

This regulations modified the system of tagging from chemicals in 2010 for substances and in 2015 were added also mixes. 

Mutua Universal offers various resources and support tools to the sensitisation and knowledge of the new tagging.

Knows and it learns to interpret the information of the labels of a different way with our videogame CLPplay.

CLPplay ®

The videogame CLPplay® is an interactive application, playful and informative that it allows to the peronas users of chemicals in the working environment to know, to assimilate and to remember easily the new tagging regulations (CLP).

The system of chemical tagging was modified in 2010 for substances and in 2015 were added also mixes, substituting definitively to the previous labels. CLPplay is a complement to provide the training of hard-working people on the new system.

The objective is to help to the hard-working people to memorise the new ones pictogramas and phrases H of labels of the chemicals, associating them to its meaning.

It is directed to workers and associated company directors that manipulate chemicals.

For more information or doubt on the classification of a substance to consult the THROWS (European Agency of chemicals):