Risk prevention at work for SMEs
What must know, which it is necessary to do and how to do it (and its tools)

Published on: 21/08/2017

This application has as an objective that know and understand foundations of the risk prevention at work, hereinafter PRL, so that you are in the best willingness of organising, to manage and to control the preventive action in your company, whether it is with your own means or through those of an employee injury prevention service.

It is especially directed to small businesses that do not develop dangerous activities. Nonetheless, also can be of interest for all person that it wants to initiate in an easy way in the knowledge of the PRL.

It takes place assimilating the PRL to the concept of a tree that needs of some roots and some branches to feed, stay up and to remain steady.

You can consult 32 topics that you offer from the unfoldable ones to the foot of each section or to click on images to know its entirety. Every topic appears of a descriptive note, a document in format “Flipping book” and annexes. 


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