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Published on: 18/02/2016
Published on: 04/07/2022

Obtain your access codes in an online
way You are a click from being able to access all the information that need for the management of the human resources

You can now register for our Company Private Area of way online and immediate via an agile procedure and single. Just need to have digital certificate and to fill an online form.  

How do I register?

The company, consultancy or person self-employed worker owes prove the identity of the person that requests the registration in the Private Area Company, as well as the representation of the company or consultancy for that which requests it. For this, is owed to present:

  • If represent to one company: Legal Person Representative's digital certificate of the company.  
  • If you are one consultancy: digital certificate of Legal Person or Physics Representative, where the person signer of the certificate appears as a holder of RED's number of the consultancy. 
  • If you are one person self-employed worker: digital certificate of Legal Person or Physics Representative, where the person signer of the certificate is the/the self-employed worker/a.

Once made the accreditation should fill an online form. Will receive a message immediately with your user and password to access the Private Area Company. In this way the need is avoided of presenting physical and displacements documentation.

Published on: 22/02/2016

It wins time, improvement the quality of your management and the effectiveness in the procedures

Published on: 18/02/2016

It processes your provisions completely online

In just three steps and without displacements.


Published on: 18/02/2016

Fill in and process an accident report in less time and with no mistakes

And also, sends accident reports without cancellation in a single click. 

Published on: 18/02/2016

Get information on reducing the accident rate of companies

We offer you tailor-made reports for implementing corrective action.

Published on: 19/02/2016

It creates new people users of Private Area and it defines its access permissions

Distribute and share your work. It creates other users/ace with access to the VAT NUMBER/CAC that you assign them.

Published on: 19/02/2016

And also...

You will have access to prevention exclusive documentation and a database from association agreements, jurisprudence and legislation.

Published on: 18/02/2016

Carry out a detailed, updated follow-up of leave processes

We provide you with the details of the leaves, reincorporations and unclaimed subsidies by type of contingency and benefit.

Published on: 18/02/2016

It requests easily medicine cabinets and it manages orders

We fill in the majority of the fields of the order and you inform of the detail of its content and the state of the applications.

Published on: 22/11/2016

New application for the management of the absenteeism

Obtain your indicator report and all the associated documentation for the improvement of the absenteeism.

Published on: 05/04/2017

It analyses your absenteeism indicators and of accident rate

Observatory Company is an interactive balanced scorecard that you assistance in the management and the decision making of Human Resources and risk prevention at work.

Published on: 18/02/2016

Fill out a welfare authorisation form in very little time

We fill in for you the majority of the fields (details of the person worker and the company).

Published on: 18/02/2016

Events of the people workers that you manage, in your e-mail

It customises when and what informations of the Private Area and what events of your hard-working people want to receive in your e-mail.

Published on: 22/12/2017

Knows your prime costs

All the costs brought about by processes of temporary disability. It analyses itemised costs in compulsory and volunteers.

Published on: 05/04/2017

Easily request incentives for reducing work-related accidents

Enquiry the historic one of your requests of Bonus Prevention (incentive scheme for companies that they would have contributed effectively to reduce the work accident rate).

Published on: 19/02/2016

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