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Published on: 11/01/2019

In this coverage you offer specialised welfare services and financial assistance that you help when you are of leave from work and need a medical efficient reply, as well as to receive an economic support before your income reduction for not being able to to work.

When an accident work-related injury is considered?

  • When a caused bodily injury is suffered for an injury, blow or illness, consequences is had or mental or psychological illnesses are suffered
  • The injury does not constitute, on its own, a work-related accident. The accident that it causes it owes be consequence of the work, with a relationship of causality direct between work-injury.

What do we offer you?

All-inclusive medical care for your fast recovery

  • Specialists and professionals with major experience.
  • Free drugstore.
  • Techniques more innovative and means of more advanced diagnosis.
  • Welfare network with 136 centres across the Whole of Spain.
  • Medical care 24 telephonic and online hours.
  • Hospitable ER.
  • Hospitalisation / Surgical Procedures.

A financial assistance to alleviate your income reduction

  • 75% of your contribution basis from the next day to the one of the cancellation until your hospital admission.
  • Its duration is not conditioned to the type of processing and it has a limit of 1 year, extendible 180 days if your healing is planned.

Other economic advantages

  • Ta will save the fee of self-employed worker starting from the second cancellation month. We pay it to you even when receive the registration.
  • If are woman, within 24 months subsequent to the provision of maternity leave, have the option of a flat rate of 60 euros during 12 months without the need for previously stop in your activity.