What should I do in the event of a work-related injury?

If you have a work-related injury or an occupational disease, we offer an all-inclusive response, both in our medical procedures and in financial and social benefits. 

Our teams are formed by healthcare professionals and the most innovative resources that guarantee efficient, professional care to the patient and more effective HR management in the company.

If the hard-working person can move to our help centre

  • To know where to attend, the hard-working person can call to the Helpline 900 203 203, consult the list of centres in mutuauniversal.net or use the app for mobile devices iOS or Android.

  • The medical staff of Line Universal him will give the first medical recommendations so much for its injury as for the displacement to the help centre

  • Enquiry our help centres' schedules in our Network of Centres.

  • Remember that the hard-working person must take with him its NATIONAL ID NUMBER and the referral note, that it must be completed by the company.

  • If the hard-working person has difficulties to move or communicate, is recommendable that it is accompanied.

If the hard-working person requires urgent medical attention

  • If the hard-working person requires urgent medical attention, it is necessary to move her to the health centre closer, although is not of Mutua Universal

  • The company must get in touch with the usual contact person or with its help centre of Mutua Universal closer to inform where she has been moved the hard-working person, so that our medical equipment can carry out the follow-up and, if necessary, the hard-working person will contribute the medical information necessary to an effective treatment from the first moment.

If the worker has suffered a serious accident

  • It is necessary to call immediately to the Line Universal 900 203 203900 203 203

  • Our medical specialists will give suitable instructions to guarantee the best medical care from the very start, and they will organise, depending on the nature of the injury, to move the patient to the most appropriate medical centre and they will give medical advice

What does the company have to do?

  • The company must notify us of the work-related injury and give the injured person the referral note

  • The steering wheel is a document through which is requested the medical care of the person injured worker in our help centres. This person must present it duly completed, with its details and those of the company, as well as information on the accident

  • If the hard-working person is not given medical leave and can return to work, s/he must be included in the "list of work-related injuries without medical leave”

  • If the hard-working person is given medical leave, the company must fill in the work-related injury report

  • In the event of serious accident, very serious, death or that has affected to more than four people workers, the company not only has to fill the work-related injury report, but instead that it must communicate the accident to the labour authority of the province where it has happened. Accidents while travelling to or from work are exempt from this obligation. The labour authority of the province must be notified through the system via Delt@, telegram, fax or another similar method, within 24 hours