Plan 2018 Against the Accident Rate of the INVASSAT. Recommendations for the analysis of Accidents

09:00 - 10:30


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  • Self-employed

Given by

Jorge Cervera BoadaAction program and Statistics department chief

J. Salvador Heliodoro RomeroOccupational Risk Prevention Technician at Mutua Universal /

In collaboration with


Focused meeting to the promotion of the established novelties for Plan of 2018 of Stock Against the Accident Rate of the INVASSAT and to carry out some recommendations to the companies to improve the analysis of the accidents, on the basis of the experience of visited companies in previous years.

The meeting will be given jointly by a representative of the INVASSAT together with the Technician of Prevention of Mutua Universal.

Specifically will develop following topics:
•Difusión of the principals action plan and novelties of Plan 2018 of Stock Against the Accident Rate of the INVASSAT.
•Difusión of conclusions of the details' statistical analysis of Researches of the Accidents made by companies and compiled by the Technicians in the visits of Plan 2015 of Stock Against the Accident Rate of the INVASSAT, informing of mistakes and more common errors detected in these researches and enumerating proposed improvements that should adopt companies to avoid them.

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