Research on Work-related Accidents. Method and Implementation

9:45am - 1.30pm


  • Companies
  • Collaborators
  • Professionals
  • Self-employed

Given by

RUBEN RALIEGOS MARTINTechnician of the Unit of Health and Safety of Ávila

MANUEL LOVES PEREZTechnician of Prevention Mutua Universal - Preventive Management Accident Rate

In collaboration with

Government of Castile-Leon - Territorial Branch of Work


The Government of Castile-Leon via the Territorial Branch of Work, with Mutua Universal (Collaborative Mutual Society with the Social Security Institute no. 10), organises this Technical Meeting with the aim of sensitising to all performers concerned in the research of a work-related accident or occupational disease, when it comes to the resources necessary to carry out her: obtain information, steps to be followed and tools to avoid them in a future.
Emphasise the importance that gives the pickup of information and research of these damages to the health and the need of improving and strengthening the activity of prevention when it puts on of manifesto the unsuitability or their insufficiency for ends of required protection.

Will be given also an orientation for the share of Collaborators as essential agents in the management documentary and from advice to companies.

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