Bonus Prevention: How to reduce contributions for occupational contingencies in its company

12.30pm - 1.30pm


  • Employers, company's Directors, Department heads (HR, Production, Maintenance, Financial), Technicians of Prevention, Work Advisers, Delegates of Prevention,

Given by

María Laura Meléndez BlancoOccupational Hazard Prevention Technician


That the attendee is in willingness of finding out if its company fulfills requirements to access the application of contribution reduction for occupational contingencies and knows the steps to be given to request her. Have orientations for the fulfillment of the requirements.


Current legislation.
Amount of the incentives that you can reach.
Company's concept in this standard.
Observation period.
General and accident rate accident rates extreme.
Requirements of prevention that they must fulfill to access the incentive.
Orientations for its fulfillment.
How to request the incentive.

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María Laura Meléndez Blanco
From 08:00 to 14:00